dfc displays file system space usage using graphs and colors. In some ways, it is a modernized version of df as it is able to use colors, draw graphs and export its output to different formats such as CSV or HTML.

dfc is a free software. You can freely download its sources from the files section.
Current release is version 3.0.5: download link

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Manager: Robin Hahling
Developer: Robin Hahling

Latest news

Minor bug fixes for version 3.0.5
Added by Robin Hahling 12 months ago

Version 3.0.4 fixes compilation errors on *BSD systems
Added by Robin Hahling about 2 years ago

New bugfix release available: 3.0.3
Fixes some memory and minor security issues.
Added by Robin Hahling about 2 years ago

dfc 3.0.2 brings in important bug fixes
2 bugs were fixed and a specially anoying one affecting 32-bit hosts.
Added by Robin Hahling over 2 years ago

dfc 3.0.1 released and what's next
dfc 3.0.1 fixes minor bugs and brings a changelog file
Added by Robin Hahling about 3 years ago

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