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Latest news

dfc: Minor bug fixes for version 3.0.5
Added by Robin Hahling over 1 year ago

siphash: SipHash 0.3.1 is out!
Added by Sylvain Laperche over 2 years ago

siphash: SipHash 0.3.0 released
SipHash 0.3.0 supports all the PRF of the SipHash family.
Added by Sylvain Laperche over 2 years ago

dfc: Version 3.0.4 fixes compilation errors on *BSD systems
Added by Robin Hahling over 2 years ago

dfc: New bugfix release available: 3.0.3
Fixes some memory and minor security issues.
Added by Robin Hahling almost 3 years ago

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Latest projects

  • jekyll-remote-markdown (01/09/2015 12:52 PM)

    Jekyll plugin to deal with remote markdown files.

  • ctop (11/02/2014 09:07 PM)

    A portable interactive processes viewer.

  • siphash (01/25/2014 04:28 PM)

    A pure Ada implementation of the SipHash PRF.

    It is based on the original paper and tested against the test values provided in the paper and in the reference C implementation.

  • netcdf (01/25/2014 04:27 PM)

    A Ruby interface to the NetCDF library.

    It is built on the NMatrix library and uses Ruby-FFI.

  • calcal (01/25/2014 04:26 PM)

    Calendrical Calculations in Ruby

    A Ruby implementation of several calendrical calculations algorithms.
    Most of the algorithms are based on the book "CalendricalCalculations", 3rd edition written by Edward M. Reingold and Nachum Dershowitz.