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Display the unit currently used (and also fix the manpage)

Added by Jiehong Ma over 6 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Currently, dfc displays sizes according to binary prefixes, unless `-m` is passed.

However, the displayed size will always be 'G', 'M', etc.

Here, the current manpage, about the format section, uses `Gio`, `Mio`, and so on. Those are correct French units, but they should be `GiB`, 'MiB`, 'KiB', etc.

I would actually recommend displaying the full unit, to avoid mixing up bits and bytes: Gi could be GiB or Gib, which are different.

Therefore, here is my full proposal: (read the wikipedia article as well:

Without `-m`, the units should be displayed as following:
'YiB', 'ZiB', 'EiB', 'PiB', 'TiB', 'GiB', 'MiB', 'KiB', 'B'

With `-m`, the display would accomodate the SI prefixes:
'YB', 'ZB', 'EB', 'PB', 'TB', 'GB', 'MB', 'KB', 'B'

The `unit` section of the manpage should be changed to:
-u [UNIT]
Show size using the unit specified. UNIT can take one of the following values:

"h":      Human readable (default when not using "-u" option).
"b":      Show bytes.
"k":      Show size using KiB.
"m":      Show size using MiB.
"g":      Show size using GiB.
"t":      Show size using TiB.
"p":      Show size using PiB.
"e":      Show size using EiB.
"z":      Show size using ZiB.
"y":      Show size using YiB.
NOTE: When using "-u" option along with "-m" option, those suboptions are replaced by their SI counterparts.

This would also clear the road, if someday one wants to be able to display the size in `bits` instead of `bytes`: the `B` would become a lowercase letter (such as 'Mib', 'Kib', 'b', etc.).



Updated by Robin Hahling over 6 years ago


I think this all makes sense. If I remember correctly, the rationale behind not displaying the full unit name was some concerns about the width of a line. But 2 more characters at most is not that bad. However, I'm not sure whether this would be a real benefit for the users or not. I need to think about it a little.


Updated by Robin Hahling over 4 years ago

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