dfc 2.5.0 Brings Mac OS support

but not only...
Added by Robin Hahling almost 9 years ago

Many contributors to thank for this release!

So... What's new?

  • dfc now works on Mac OS (at least on OSX on which I tried successfully). It only misses the option to show mount options. Thanks to Matthieu Le Jeune who brought the idea.
  • FreeBSD users may now enjoy the "show mount options" option. This was not implemented for FreeBSD in release 2.4.0. Thanks to Cyril Roelandt who wrote a function for that.
  • The Makefile is now 100% BSD make compliant while still being GNU make compliant. No need for GNU make in order to build it on FreeBSD anymore. Thanks to Baptiste Daroussin for his patch (again!).
  • There is one new option: -W prevents the names from being truncated. So if your path is so long that it would normally be truncated, you can still display it (at the risk of breaking the output a little).
  • Perhaps the most noticeable change: the sign used in the graph has changed from * to =. I think it makes it more readable and when I asked people around me, they all agreed. I hope you too think this is an improvement!
Some bugs were fixed:
  • Paths that have more than 3 / are not weirdly truncated anymore.
  • No more overlap when using the -o option.
  • A few other bug fixes not worth to mention here.

Apart from that, code has been largely re-organized to be less monolithic. I started dfc(1) as a small project but by adding features at user's request it just kept getting bigger while still coded as a small program. I do not say that dfc(1) is a large program but 1723 lines of code (as of this release) is too much to be all in one file. So now, it should be ready for future improvements.

This release should be the last one before 3.0.0 release unless someone helps me port dfc(1) to OpenBSD and NetBSD. Porting to OpenBSD should not be difficult at all but it might cause a little more trouble for NetBSD.

I enjoy this new version of dfc better than the previous one and I hope you too!