dfc is open to translations

Any contribution will be appreciated :)
Added by Robin Hahling almost 9 years ago

Hi folks,

dfc is nearing its 3.0.0 release. This one will bring lots of new features and improvements over 2.5.0 release and one of these is support for translation.

This means that dfc is now easily translatable. However, to be available in many different languages, it needs... translators!

As a native French speaker, I already translated dfc into French but this is the only language I am able to translate dfc into (my German is probably not good enough).

So... if you are fluent in English and would like to translate dfc into your language, this is great! Here is how you should proceed:
  • Pull the latest revision of dfc using the git repository.
  • Read the TRANSLATORS file.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Send me your translation using e-mail or through this website by creating a new issue with your translation files attached.

That's it. 1 hour should be enough to translate dfc (it took me about 45 minutes for the French translation).

I will spend the next two weeks on optimizing dfc and trying to find and fix bugs. If you send me your translation within this two weeks time frame, it'll be integrated into the 3.0.0 release. If you cannot, don't worry, it will then be added in a future release (like eventual 3.0.1).