dfc 3.0.1 released and what's next

dfc 3.0.1 fixes minor bugs and brings a changelog file
Added by Robin Hahling over 8 years ago


I released a bugfix version of dfc.

As the new changelog file ( #148) states, version 3.0.1 fixes two minor bugs:
  • Fixed CMake minimal required version (#146). Changed from 2.8.0 to 2.8.4 which is actually the minimum version of CMake that is able to build dfc along with its translations.
  • Fixed hyphens and spelling mistakes in manpages (#147 thanks Khalid)

I also have been reported that dfc does not build on versions 7.x of FreeBSD (see #149). However, a proper fix still has to be found.

From now on, I'll start working on version 3.1.0 that already has a list of interesting and useful features (see roadmap). If you wish to see other features implemented in dfc, do not hesitate to ask either by sending me an e-mail or opening a new feature request.