dfc 3.0.2 brings in important bug fixes

2 bugs were fixed and a specially anoying one affecting 32-bit hosts.
Added by Robin Hahling about 8 years ago

dfc 3.0.2 has just been released.

I highly encourage any package or port maintainer to update dfc to this release.
It fixes 2 bugs: a minor one and a very annoying one affecting 32-bit host with volumes >= 4To that simply caused dfc to fail getting volume information.

By the way, just to make things clear: I created a stable branch in dfc git repository. This branch receives only bug fixes and is used to maintain latest stable release of dfc (currently version 3.0.x). I do not maintain the 2.5.x branch since version 3.0.x is out since version 3.0.0 was a major update bringing lots of changes in the code. Therefore, if your distribution still packages dfc in version < 3.0.x, you should fill a bug report to your distribution's dfc packager (I think Debian, Ubuntu and probably all their derivatives still package dfc 2.5.0) to inform about this.