New bugfix release available: 3.0.3

Fixes some memory and minor security issues.
Added by Robin Hahling almost 8 years ago

This dfc update fixes several minor issues, including some related to memory management, minor security issues and some typos. One dfc behavior changes a little: now, instead of exiting on error when a file system cannot be stated, it displays a warning message and tries to go on. Before this change, dfc would act this way only when reading file system information was not possible due to permission issues.
This is not a major change but a small improvement which explains why it has been added to this bugfix release.

For the details:

  • fixed warning message wrongly displayed when calling 'dfc -u h'
  • fixed various typo fixes
  • fixed some memory management issues
  • fixed if tests on potentially NULL values
  • fixed potential security holes (potentially exploitable buffer overflows
    caused by misuse of printf function)
  • fixed dfc hang on no more accessible remote file systems
  • display a warning in any case when file system cannot be stated instead of
    exiting on error
  • updated license header and copyright year

Cheers and once again, thanks to all dfc packagers for your work!