A new dfc version is (finally) out: 3.1.0

This release has seen a major code refactoring, a port to Solaris and JSON export.
Added by Robin Hahling over 4 years ago

Last major dfc release was almost 5 years ago. Needless to say that it was time for a new release! In the future, I plan to release more often with less features. This will be easy now that the major code refactoring I wanted to do is done. Therefore, I renamed the stable branch to old-stable and the master branch is now the stable branch.

This release contains a number of new features, a bunch of bug fixes and some (minor) incompatible changes.

Download link: v3.1.0

New features

  • Major code refactoring: now, platform specific code is clearly separated (see src/platform), the auto-adjust feature should also be more accurate. * Solaris support. * The CSV separator can be specified via the configuration file (defaults to ","). * In addition to the already export formats (CSV, text, tex and HTML), dfc is able to export the information as JSON (no additional dependency required). * Add support for bold font via the configuration file * Add -M option to disable "Mounted On" information. * Add Dutch translation. * Add git revision to the dfc version string for development versions of dfc.

A number of bugs were also fixed:

  • Fix type not respecting -W flag. * Fix alignment issue when both -M and -o options are specified. * Plug a few memory leaks. * Escape mount options with "" when exporting to CSV as mount options may typically contain a ",". * Linux: avoid stat'ing remote file system when local flag is given (prevents dfc from potentially hanging on remote file systems). * Consider nfs4 a remote filesystem. * Correctly link math library (fixes build on, at least, Ubuntu). * Remove a few extra incorrect CSV separators in CSV export mode. * Silently ignore EACCESS error on statvfs. * Fix build failure on Hurd. * Fix build failure on kFreeBSD.

And some minor incompatible changes:

  • Remove "GRIM" compile option - compile flags previously set by "grim" are now defaults. * Stop translating color names in the configuration file - now, only "English" names are understood.


As always, thanks to all the dfc contributors!

  • Adam Borowski * Alexandre Perrin * Baptiste Daroussin * Cyril Roelandt * Frank Villaro-Dixon * Kevin Gillieron * Landry Breuil * Matthieu Le Jeune * Sylvain Laperche * Tobias Patzl * Michiel Pater * Andreas Rönnquist

And next?

The next dfc release will probably (finally) accept mount points as argument, just like regular df does. This is a long awaited feature that I miss from dfc and that many people seem to want as well.