dfc 2.2.0 is available

Added by Robin Hahling about 8 years ago

Another day, another release of dfc :)

I implemented some of the features that were requested.
  • Color option is now improved: you can choose between 3 modes (auto, always, never). By default, auto is activated.
  • Multiple selection is now possible when filtering with -t option. For instance you could run the following:
    dfc -t ext2,ext4,rootfs

    And the output will show only info about those type of file system.

If you want more information about these, just read the manpage.

Along with those two features, I fixed a lot of bugs and notably the one that would make dfc exit when it could not stat of file because of read permission (now it just skips it and displays a warning).

I hope you enjoy this release too!