dfc 2.3.0 unleached!

Added by Robin Hahling over 8 years ago

Another day, another release :-P

However, release cycle will slow down starting from this version as I think dfc now has all the major features that were desirable.

What has changed since yesterday's 2.2.0 release?
  • Code optimization and various small bug fixes
  • -t option now support negative matching for file system filtering. To activate it, you just need to prepend a "-" to the file system type you do not want to see. Example:
    dfc -t -rootfs,tmpfs

    This will make dfc display all file systems except rootfs and tmpfs.
  • String that were too long are now truncated. For instance, the following

    would be truncated like this, with a "+" sign indicating that it has been truncated:

    This avoids the output from being messed up.
  • The output now auto-adjusts based on terminal width. This behavior can be overridden with the new -f option.

As always, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!