• calcal

    Calendrical Calculations in Ruby

    A Ruby implementation of several calendrical calculations algorithms.
    Most of the algorithms are based on the book "CalendricalCalculations", 3rd edition written by Edward M. Reingold and Nachum Dershowitz.

  • ctop

    A portable interactive processes viewer.

  • dfc

    dfc displays file system space usage using graphs and colors. In some ways, it is a modernized version of df as it is able to use colors, draw graphs and export its output to different formats such as CSV or HTML.

    dfc is a free software. You can freely download its sources from the files section....

  • fcp

    FCP stands for FTP Copy. It aims to be a simple CLI tool that performs copy
    through FTP.

  • freec

    Display memory usage using nice graphs and nice colors.

    git:// - FIXME

  • INIConfig

    A pure Ruby package for reading and writing INI-like configuration files.

    It can be used to write Ruby scripts which can be customized easily.

  • jekyll-remote-markdown

    Jekyll plugin to deal with remote markdown files.

  • libgwavi

    libgwavi is a tiny C library aimed at creating AVI files.

  • LinCopier

    LinCopier aims to be an advanced copy manager. Our goal is to keep it light and efficient. Enthusiast developers can join us as long as they're motivated enough!

  • netcdf

    A Ruby interface to the NetCDF library.

    It is built on the NMatrix library and uses Ruby-FFI.

  • opml-parser

    A simple and easy to use OPML parser in Ruby.

  • Precious

    Collection of various widgets for the Awesome Window Manager.

  • psound

    A Weechat script that plays a sound file for incoming messages.

  • Pydeo

    pydeo is an application for managing media files such as movies, series and music through a web browser.

  • RReader

    RReader is a RSS/Atom feed reader written as a web application in Ruby on

    While still being in development, it already boasts all basic features you would
    expect from a RSS feed reader. It is meant to be self-hosted and is fully Ajax.
    The latter means that the web page never needs to be refreshed....

  • ruby-csv2tex

    A simple tool for exporting CSV to LaTeX table.

  • Rubyckup

    A backup script using rsync, written in Ruby.

  • siphash

    A pure Ada implementation of the SipHash PRF.

    It is based on the original paper and tested against the test values provided in the paper and in the reference C implementation.

  • TweetMining

    Tool collect and analyze data gotten from the Twitter microblogging system and build a model to predict if a tweet will be retweeted or not, i.e. to predict if a tweet can be considered as popular or not.

  • YUVcutter

    Tool to cut the first N frames from a RAW YUV video file.

Also available in: Atom