What is LinCopier?

As the description says, LinCopier aims to be an advanced copy manager targeting Linux and BSD systems.

In which language is it written?

You can browse the git repository and see it by yourself but LinCopier is written in C and uses the GTK tool-kit for its GUI version.

Which copy engine does LinCopier use?

Actually, we wrote the copy engine ourselves starting from scratch. Why that? Simply because we needed a way to be able to copy using queues. This gives us a possibility to treat the error queue afterwards when files could not be copied.

Is LinCopier a CLI ou GUI program?

It is both actually. When compiling it, you can choose to build only the CLI version or compile also the GUI version which uses GTK. This way, LinCopier can not only be used in a desktop environment but also when no GUI is available.

Is there a stable release available?

LinCopier is still in its development phase. Sadly, we are only two developers to work on this project and as university students we do not have lots of time to give to it.

Which license does LinCopier use?

LinCopier uses the GPLv2 free license.

How can I contribute to LinCopier?

In many ways! You fill bug reports, ask for new features, propose patches, join the development team or simply talk about it!

How do I apply to join the development team?

Simply send an email to Robin Hahling () explaining about your motivations and your programming skills.

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