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06:27 AM ctop Revision 900c528b (ctop): Linux: handle ram_total field
Matteo Cypriani
06:26 AM ctop Revision 162ee067 (ctop): DragonFly: preliminary system screen support
Fields handled: same as Linux, plus total RAM and boot time. Matteo Cypriani
06:23 AM ctop Revision dfd19d9f (ctop): ui: add waddstr_aligned_f()
waddstr_aligned_f() is the variadic form of waddstr_aligned(): it allows
displaying a formatted string.
It is now use...
Matteo Cypriani
06:23 AM ctop Revision 7f9b15d0 (ctop): Linux: add preliminary system screen support
This is a proposal for a file and data organisation for system
information implementation, with preliminary Linux sup...
Matteo Cypriani


06:42 PM ctop Revision f6757c3c (ctop): build: include platform-specific directory
Also, src/utils/ was dropped from the included paths, use #include
"utils/*" (which is the case already).
Matteo Cypriani
06:42 PM ctop Revision 5e81e01f (ctop): misc: typo in CONTRIBUTING
Matteo Cypriani
05:08 PM ctop Wiki edit: Available_info (#44)
add some DragonFly & NetBSD system-wide infos Matteo Cypriani


04:31 AM ctop Revision 65d31cd4 (ctop): Add
Proposals based on today's discussions. To be discussed further. Matteo Cypriani
04:31 AM ctop Revision f8822ab7 (ctop): build: fix for OpenBSD
- Makefile: remove non-standard rm -v option from the clean target.
- CMakeLists.txt: make sure -flto is supported by...
Matteo Cypriani
03:24 AM ctop Revision 73f47dcc (ctop): build: improve CMakeLists.txt
- Call git rev-parse on HEAD instead of master: we want the current
commit's info, not master's.
- Prevent CFLAGS t...
Matteo Cypriani

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